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This is a New Era for Dogs and the People who love them. Today, Training Collars & Anti-Barking Collars must be pet safe!

Train your dog and stop excessive barking Quickly, Easily, Pain-Free with JetCare® Cold Spray Anti-Bark Collars & Dog Training Collars!

Shock Collars can hurt. Citronella & Other Oil- Based Spray Collars can leave residue, damaging sense of smell. JetCare® Cold Spray Anti- Bark Collars & Dog Training Collars are Humane, Safe, Effective & Pain-Free!

French Manufactured • Veterinarian Developed & Approved • Lifetime Warranty • Patented
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Pain is Not the Answer. Communication is key. To be effective in dog training, your means of communicating must be a method that your pet understands. WagAndBark™ products are geared towards Humane, Effective, and Pain-Free results - for both pet and owner. JetCare® Cold Spray Anti-Bark Collars & Dog Training Collars provide a simple, pain-free solution. More...

If traveling in a foreign land, and you do not speak the native language, how can successful communication occur? How does your dog feel when you continually use your method of communication, and he is not able to interpret your intention? This invariably leads to owner frustration, and in many cases, animal abuse and/or animal abandonment. Let’s put an end to these unnecessary outcomes! Pain is not the answer. Let’s stop this cycle by learning how to relate in a positive, successful, stress-free manner with our defenseless, loving dogs. You are all that they have; please use humane and effective ways to connect with and train your beloved dog. Pet safe JetCare® Cold Spray Anti-Bark Collars & Dog Training Collars, and positive reinforcement, can give you the successful tools to create a life-long, stress-free bond with your beloved pet! Humane Products!

Why Cold Spray Technology? Pain is an unnecessary and extremely harmful tool. Why would you use a painful tool to communicate with your beloved pet? Fear, mistrust, emotional harm, and physical harm are not the answers. Electric Shock Dog Collars, also known as e-collars, Static Collars, and Electric Collars, can be painful! They can burn your pet, many times, without your knowledge. More...

You wouldn’t wear it, why should your dog™?  Citronella Dog Collars and other Oil-Based Spray Dog Collars can leave a residue, affecting your pet’s most sensitive resource – its sense of smell.  Why would you do this to your dog? Today is a new day, a New Era, for dog owners and their pets.  We are so fortunate!  New training techniques, ideas, guidelines, and tools … all readily available to assist today’s frustrated pet owner. Communicate without negative repercussions! WagAndBark™ can help you train your dog without these negative side effects.   Pet safe JetCare® Cold Spray Anti-Barking Collars and Dog Training Collars can assist you in stopping unwanted behaviors, enabling you to implement your chosen, easy-to-use positive reinforcement techniques.  Let WagAndBark™ help you and your beloved pet, today! Humane Products! 

The WagAndBark™ Mission. Sheryl Davis Farnsworth, President and Founder, is a passionate owner of six dogs. She is dedicated to finding new, innovative, humane dog products for fellow dog parents. Through trial and tribulations, she found that the JetCare® Cold Spray Anti-Barking Collars and Dog Training Collars were the safest means by which to train her dogs, successfully, and pain-free. More...

Electric Shock Collars and Oil-Based Spray Collars were never an option. After a successful run with the JetCare® collars, she searched for a way in which to share these humane training products with fellow American dog owners.  There are countless pet parents looking for a solution – one that will net results easily, quickly, humanely, and pain-free.  Focusing exclusively on Humane, Safe, and Effective dog products, WagAndBark™ will continue to offer the very best solutions to our – our customers – our extended WagAndBark™  family. Humane Products!
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